About AB&D

Our Vision

Wines without boundaries – regional, varietal or stylistic. Wines whose entire raison d’être is to be delicious and to express the minutia and complexity of site and vintage conditions. Wines that enchant; wines that delight you and leave you betwixt the rock and a ripe grape. Through a series of random experiments in the field and adventures in vinous bricolage, these are our modest goals.

Our Legacy

Forming Alpha Box & Dice as a laboratory for viticultural exploration in 2008, the team set upon constructing a different wine style to represent every letter of the alphabet. Each member of the ‘Alphabet of Wine’ is has its own unique personality that fulfils a different purpose – no two wines are created alike. AB&D wines are all linked by their environment and surroundings, being created holistically through minimal intervention, vegan friendly methods. However, they are completely distinct in their flavour, appearance and orientation. In this way, AB&D wines are just like a (mostly) happy family.

Our Future

Under the guidance of Managing Director Dylan Fairweather, Sam Berketa has taken the helm of the vinous laboratory as Head Winemaker – ticking off letters with new blends, while evolving the existing wines in AB&D’s portfolio. While alternative varietals are their forte, AB&D  champion the integrity and overwhelming quality of South Australian fruit above all else, with Dylan’s brother Justin spreading the AB&D story further into new markets all over the world as Export Director. Back home, the young, passionate and enthusiastic team grow their networks and influence as a leading South Australian producer who make innovative – yet indubitably drinkable – products. 

With a culture soaked in community, quality and a laissez-faire spirit, Alpha Box & Dice will continue to inspire, delight and surprise in everything they do.

And they do a lot.