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Adelaide Hills

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Fog. A hazy impediment where one can’t see, think, or hear to their fullest potential. While fog is often considered a detriment to getting things done, it can also be a thing of beauty. Fog adds can add mystery, danger and curiosity. What would the Twin Peaks skyline be without it? Indeed, what would Barolo’s Langhe region be without it when the fog descends on the vineyards during an October harvest?



We picked from two vineyards in Adelaide Hills, one in Kenton Valley, the other in Kuipto. 2016 Fog follows the more ‘modernist’ style of winemaking in Barolo. Typically, this means less skin contact, ageing in barriques (rather than exclusively in large barrels called botti) and the use of new oak. The addition of a single barrique left on skins for 406 days really adds a huge amount of depth. The rest spent six weeks on skins, with wild fermentation until dry.

Despite the haze and confusion of the pursuit, we have thrown away all doubts, and stumbled over treasure.

All hail the King of Wine!

Tasting Notes



SMELLS LIKE… Turkish Delight, cola, leather and spice.

TASTES LIKE… Earthy tannins, velvet musk, raw cacao and carob.

DRINK WITH… Veal, mushrooms, steak, kangaroo and venison.

CELLAR FOR… Up to 20 years.