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The Mistress is the ode to the harvest - that time of year when the grapes are plucked ripe from the vine, filled with long days and long nights and lots of good times! We treat it as a bit of a celebration (after all it only happens once a year!) and the Mistress is where we spare a thought for our friends, families and partners to whom, looking from the outside in, it seems like the honeymoon phase of joyous new fling where it enraptures it's victim to the exclusion of all else. As a wine, it embodies all that we love about blends, where each component complements the others to craft a complete and seductive wine. With this blend, we get earthy, dark fruits from the Tempranillo and that soft structure too. Carignan supplies the fresher elements with dried herbal notes and the touch of Grenache levels up the aromas of spice.



The Mistress exhibits the seductive nature of blends, where each variety works to complement the others. With the brooding structure of Adelaide Hills Tempranillo, the rustic herbal charms of Carignan from Langhorne Creek and the soft spices of Mclaren Vale Grenache, this wine is the complete package.

Tempranillo - Handpicked, destemmed with the rollers out to retain as much whole berry as possible. Wild fermentation on skins until dry, cap managed through pump overs twice daily. Carignan and Grenache - Handpicked and fermented as 100% whole bunches. Wild fermentation on skins until dry, cap managed by footstomping twice daily.

Tasting Notes


NOSE: A fistful of dried herbs and spices over plums, black olives and cola spice.

PALATE: A soft, plush weight that accentuates the darker flavour components. Gentle, velvety tannins meld with the dusty elements to create an added layer of earthy feeling.

PAIR: Moroccan spiced lamb or spiced eggplant.

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.