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Grüner Veltliner


Adelaide Hills

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Oh, boy... Where do we start to explain our reasoning behind Ö?

For starters, it’s pronounced ‘oeh’, a noise that sounds halfway between an exclamation of pain and frustration. Secondly, it’s German, a language that can cause pain and frustration to those trying to learn it. And finally, it’s similar to a sound made by Alpha Box & Dice Head Winemaker, Sam Berketa, when a wayward ski sliced his throat while holidaying in the Austrian alps. Luckily, Sam survived, bringing home a gnarly scar as a souvenir.

Ö is a premium Gruner Veltliner from Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills, a marriage of region and variety that Sam thinks is hard to beat due to the “versatility of the grape variety and the diversity of microclimates within each subregion of the Hills”. Sam insists that Macclesfield is the perfect site for a textural Gruner Veltliner, given its modest elevation, inland location and warmer daytime temperatures that plummet at night. These elements make a wine that has both generosity and freshness and speaks to the variety’s Austrian heritage.



Ö is barrel fermented for ten months total in barrique, resulting in a rich wine that still retains a delicate nature and is textural and mineral on the palate. You can taste the stones and bare bones of the vineyards, which is similar to the Smaragd wines of the Wachau for the Austrian GV buffs out there.

Austria isn’t a place that Sam will forget any time soon... and Ö isn’t a wine that easily forgettable.

Tasting Notes


LOOKS LIKE... Morning rays of sunshine.

SMELLS LIKE... White stone fruit, brioche and oyster shells with a hint of white pepper.

TASTES LIKE... Medium-to-full-bodied texture, similar to a Ramen consistency, fresh and
soft acidity and gentle structured phenolics.

DRINK WITH... White flesh fish, oysters, Moreton Bay bugs, lobster, chicken, pork – any
white meat!

CELLAR FOR... Up to 10 years.