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A celebration of all things femininity, equality and social justice – Pink Matter is a salute to strong female influences everywhere and a move towards a more inclusive, equal and cohesive society. For Alpha Box & Dice’s Rosé, we had to do things a little differently (obviously). We are of the opinion that the best rosés are, in AB&D Head Winemaker Sam Berketa’s words, “dry and textural, light in colour, playful and fresh”. So that’s what we made… but we used a Ripasso method to make it. The resulting wine is a marriage between red and white – a unique compromise. The result? Chardonnay and Riesling, with a stain of Grenache. A trailblazer towards a new, pink future.



We picked McLaren Vale Chardonnay and Riesling, which was oxidatively handled, pressed and fermented with no sulphur to encourage dryness. A portion of the white wine was split, spending one week on unpressed Grenache skins, following the ripasso method, before going into tank for four months on lees. The ripasso process is similar to steeping tea in hot water, needing to be long enough to pick up the ideal amount of flavour, texture and colour, but not too long that it becomes too bitter.

Tasting Notes


LOOKS LIKE… Rose gold.

SMELLS LIKE… Apple blossom, cherries, flowers, Amaro Montenegro, strawberries, beeswax.

TASTES LIKE… Fresh acidity, creaminess across the palate, very textural.

DRINK WITH… Antipasto, cured meats, fresh seafood, entrees, share plates and tapas.

CELLAR FOR… Up to 10 years.