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Adelaide Hills

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Super Fog is an ode to the stoic and traditional. The method of making an authentic Nebbiolo from Barolo is heavily rooted in ritual, passed down through generations – to classify as an authentic DOCG Barolo, you have to jump through the hoops. After Winemaker Sam Berketa spent a vintage working in Barolo with the distinguished Chiara Boschis, he experienced the politics of the region firsthand and the way it's expressed through the wines. Inspired upon his return, he decided to hold back a portion of the very best from the 2016 Nebbiolo crop and put the fruit through his interpretation of the meticulous – and long – maturation techniques Barolo Riserva demands. This included 406 days on skins and 38 months in barrel. An exercise in patience, we are very glad to finally reap the rewards and pay tribute to the perseverance, knowledge and artistry of those who set the rules – for good reason.



Super Fog 2016 was handpicked selectively from a single vineyard in Kuitpo, Adelaide Hills, before being destemmed into a stainless steel cask to ferment naturally. When fermentation was complete we topped up the vessel and let it hibernate on skins for exactly 406 days after picking. We then pressed the wine off the skins using a tiny basket press. While Barolo generally requires maturation in botti, we didn’t have enough wine to fill one (that’s how small batch this wine is!) so we opted for the largest format we could – a 500L puncheon – in which the wine spent another 38 months ageing. The wine was finally hand bottled and labelled, a tribute to the old ways and a wine that celebrates the glory of tradition, ritual and legacy.



NOSE: Carob, dust, leather, spice and blackcurrant.

PALATE: Earthy tannins, velvet, musk and raw cacao.

PAIR: Steak, kangaroo, veal or mushroom and truffle risotto.

CELLAR: Up to 20+ years.

SERVE: Decant before drinking, or leave to breathe for at least one hour after opening.