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South Australia

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After Death, new life shoots forth, signalling rebirth, rejuvenation and transformation. The Death Card embodies our signature style of grenache – a new era for the variety in McLaren Vale as a bright, juicy red wine. Traditionally, McLaren Vale grenache was heavy and over-oaked, trying to imitate Shiraz. We don’t believe this is the best way to get the most of out of grenache – favouring lively acidity, low tannin extraction and drinkability first and foremost. A 'Nouveaux' wine in more ways than one.



With every vintage, Tarot aims to show the best possible expression of Grenache in a fruit forward, Nouveaux style to drink while young. While this might sound like a simple wine, we assure you that there is plenty going on in the glass, bright, juicy fruits with a spicy structure and a medium sessionable palate weight.



NOSE: Raspberries, blackcurrant, red apples with white pepper, rose petals and dried herbs.

PALATE: Fruit and spice washes over the palate with a wave of juicy goodness, leaving a generous wake of chewy, playful tannins to round out the finish.

PAIR: Everything, naturally.

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.