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Sauvignon Blanc


Adelaide Hills

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Our Sauvignon Blanc is easy, slightly leesy and consistently pleasing. The Hermit in the Tarot deck represents a period of introspection and searching - but seek no more, as here is your perfect Sauvignon Blanc. But fear not. This is not your usual Savvy B, as it steers clear from the sweeter, tropical fruit salad end of the spectrum and instead has fresh and racy acidity, and much brighter and lighter characteristics. The Tarot Sauvignon Blanc begs you to crack open a bottle and just sit quietly as life unfolds around you.

Wine Making


Tarot Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Paracombe Vineyards, Paracombe, Adelaide Hills. Machine picked in the cool of night, pressed first thing in the morning and fermented to dry in tank using a neutral yeast. No MLF. Then matured for six months in stainless steel, with six months in contact with full lees.

Tasting Notes


LOOKS LIKE… A field of farm hay.

SMELLS LIKE…Unmistakably Savvy, gooseberries, touch of grass and the beginnings of passionfruit peeking out.

TASTES LIKE… Sharp and quick with a slight sweetness of crisp apples and grapefruit.

DRINK WITH... Sunshine, oysters, grilled asparagus and a seaside view.

CELLAR FOR... Up to 5 years.