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Tarot Prosecco X Bizzarro Bitter Aperitivo Spritz Pack

We've joined forces with our friends at Delinquente to create the ultimate South Australian Spritz Pack, using Delinquente's new Bizzarro Bitter Aperitivo and Alpha Box & Dice's Tarot Prosecco.

Bizzarro is Delinquente's take on a vermouth, using neutral grape spirit, infused with fruit, herbs, botanicals and fortified as a dry white wine, using Delinquente's organic and biodynamic skin contact Vermentino. To boost the citrus profile, organically grown Riverland oranges and lemons are used.

Tarot Prosecco is Alpha Box & Dice's go-to sparkling of choice – great on it own, but even better in a Spritz. The zippy, fresh acid drives the palate, with a soft mousse that works beautifully with the generous mouthfeel. Dry in style, with apple blossom, lychees and a hint of honey.

Combined, these drinks offer a great local alternative to your favourite Spritz, using locally-grown ingredients, resources and creativity.



Tarot X Bizzarro Spirtz

In a glass filled with ice, add

  • 60mL Bizzarro Aperitivo
  • 90mL Tarot Prosecco
  • Dash of soda
  • Orange wedge and sprig of rosemary to garnish

Enjoy with great company in the sunshine.