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Adelaide Hills

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Crafted with reverence for the traditional German-style Rieslings that elevated Australian white wine drinking. The Aussie slant known fondly as ‘Moselle’.

Perhaps, looking back, there was more to these wines than our relaxed consumption credited them for. Refreshing as all hell, but complex and beautifully balanced too.

Our Very Special Riesling celebrates the way these wines united Australian palates for communal consumption. From the ‘70s to the ‘80s, evolving over time, to the Rieslings we crave and seek out today.

A more premium iteration of the early style, our VSR is fermented under cool conditions, mimicking the freezing temperatures of far north winters where it all began. Icy-sharp acid and citrus zest, with a touch of residual sugar softening the palate. A respect for the hallmarks of this variety.

2021 was a cracking year all round and our Riesling block never looked better. In the cool of the cellar, the natural ferment idled long and slow, a pleasure to taste daily.

Sharp and precise, beautifully detailed, it’s the Riesling we love to drink. White flowers and scents of jasmine, kaffir lime leaf and tangy lemons.

You can see it ageing gracefully for decades, but something tells us stashed bottles will be a rarity. We proudly call it our best yet.



Selectively machine picked and gently pressed to tank where it was naturally fermented for 4 months at 10 degrees in stainless steel, during which MLF occurred spontaneously. Primary fermentation was stopped at about 8g/l Residual Sugar using chilling and a sulfur addition. Matured for a further 3 months in stainless steel before bottling.



NOSE: Jasmine, spring flowers, lemon sherbert, kaffir lime leaf, grapefruit pith.

PALATE: Razor-like acidity that cleaves the palate yet is softened by a hint of residual sweetness that only shows itself through blunting the sharpness of the acidity. Tightly wound yet generous on the palate.

PAIR: Fried chicken and chips, Tempura veg or just drink it the morning after a big night - it'll fix your aching head and heart.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years.