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Adelaide Hills

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In the 1970s, Australia's drinking culture changed forever. As contentious social and political issues, including public gendered segregation, lessened, a surprising beverage was caught in the national zeitgeist. A riesling of middling quality – known as a classic Australian "Moselle" – became the go-to drink for men and women alike, being enjoyed at the front bar in mixed company, another Australian first.

For the first time, wine overtook beer as Australia’s favourite alcoholic drink. As the first wine advertised on Australian television, it helped wine become a social status symbol that was accessible to everyone of any class, before fading away a decade or so later, thanks to more competition and yet another shift in trends.

Our Very Special Riesling is an ode to this unsuspecting wine that became a game-changer for the Australian wine industry. Without it humbly paving the way, both elevating and democratising wine as a drink for everyone, who knows what we would be drinking at the front bar today?

So while this isn’t the wine that changed Australia’s drinking culture forever, we raise our glass to the one that did. Nevertheless, this Adelaide Hills Riesling is still very, very special…



Handpicked from a biodynamic/organic vineyard with low level of botrytis, pressed to tank and floated to remove most solids. Fermented with native yeasts at 11 degrees for two months. Stopped with 15g/l residual sugar remaining. Matured in a large format cask for 10 months. Three months of bottle ageing prior to release.



NOSE: Kaffir lime leaves, lemon blossoms and grapefruit pith with some zesty herbal notes poking through.

PALATE: Refreshing and linear acidity that drives through the palate, which is slightly softened at the end by the residual sugar content. Lemon curd and floral notes.

PAIR: Pub grub! Think chicken schnitzels, fish and chips and salt and pepper squid.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years.