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The Xola is our study on duality in wine. In the South American Andes the concept of Yanatin abounds with the indigenous people adhering to a philosophical model based in what is often referred to as a “dualism of complementary terms” or, simply, a “complementary dualism”.

As William Blake says “Opposition is true friendship”… The opposites of existence, dark/light, male/female, inner/outer are viewed as interdependent and essential parts of a harmonious whole. Tannin is the dark; the masculine… in its youth Aglianico (ahl-YAH-nee-ko) certainly has its fair share of tannin heft and muscle, requiring an extended time in seasoned oak barrels to relax, become comfortable with itself and display the harmonious characters we seek.



A single vineyard wine, Xola is hand picked, destemmed with rollers out to retain as much whole berry as possible. Fermented on skins until dry using native yeast and held on skins for an extra four weeks, for six weeks total maceration.Matured for 18 months in seasoned barriques then 12 months in seasoned puncheons.

Tasting Notes


LOOKS LIKE: Deep purple.

SMELLS LIKE: Plums, cherries, fennel seed, star anise and pepper spice

TASTES LIKE: Slightly salty, dutch liquorice, with the consistency of butterscotch sauce and an elegant acid line.

DRINK WITH: Steak and roast meat dishes.

CELLAR FOR: Up to 15 years.