Wine Club

The Life Improvement Plan

The Life Improvement Plan is Alpha Box & Dice’s wine subscription service, where you pick how much wine you want – and how often you want it delivered – and we do the rest.

You can choose between mixed packs (including Sparkling, White, Orange, Rosé, Red wines) or Red Wine Only packs. Discover a world of interesting wines by receiving regular mixes of premium wines from Alpha Box & Dice’s Alphabet of Wine, showcasing a plethora of winemaking styles, varieties and techniques. 


Wine Club Benefits

All Life Improvement Plans contain a minimum of 25% off RRP and are unique each delivery of the year.

The Life Improvement Plan is a dynamic, personalised service that will inspire, delight and surprise you. We hope you can join us.

• The only way to receive discount on Alpha Box & Dice products.

• Receive $100+ value for every $75 3xPack, $200+ value for every $150 6xPack and $400+ value for every $300 12xPack (>25% discount).

• Unlock exclusive access to ongoing discounts and offers not available anywhere else.

• Choose the delivery frequency and amount of wines that suits you.

• Change your plan volume and frequency at any time.