Dead Winemakers Society

Dead Winemakers Society

2016  Dolcetto

The Dead Winemakers Society is our homage to those visionary individuals that carved their path in the wine industry before us.

They were the crazy ones, the wild-eyed wine poets that had a deep respect for both the land they farmed and the process of guiding the fruit to bottle in the most thoughtful and composed manner possible. There have been many who have inspired us through their wines and philosophy – we have listened, learned and adapted the practises of  their legacy to form our own.

The other hero in this story is you – the wine drinker. Without you, none of this is possible. If you didn’t appreciate what we do, then we wouldn’t have the opportunity to carve our own mark within this wild industry. So thanks for being a part of our journey. We hope we’ve done you proud.


LOOKS LIKE… Cherry skins.

SMELLS LIKE… Sour cherries, creaming soda, juicy fruits.

TASTES LIKE… Mellow, soft and easy-drinking.

DRINK WITH… Pizza, pasta, pork.

CELLAR FOR… Up to 5 years.