Dead Winemakers Society

Dead Winemakers Society

2015  Dolcetto

The Dead Winemakers Society is our homage to those visionary individuals that carved their path in the wine industry before us.

They were the crazy ones, the wild-eyed wine poets that had a deep respect for both the land they farmed and the process of guiding the fruit to bottle in the most thoughtful and composed manner possible. Although there have been many who have inspired us through their wines and philosophy, this wine is dedicated to Bartolo Mascarello, a towering figure in Piedmont. Mascarello’s traditional approach to winemaking and outspoken views elevated him to cult status – his mantra of “No Barrique, No Berlusconi” echoing through the valleys of the region.

So this is for you Bartolo… And of course, you, the wine drinker. We’d like to think we’ve done you both proud.


LOOKS LIKE… A Quentin Tarantino movie

FEELS LIKE… Skinny black jeans

SOUNDS LIKE… PJ Harvey – Down By The Water

SMELLS LIKE… A musty Bible

TASTES LIKE… Bright cherry, savoury spice, dried herbs.