2014  Nebbiolo

Region: Adelaide Hills

Fog. A hazy impediment where one can’t see, think, or hear to their fullest potential. While fog is often considered a detriment to getting things done, it can also be a thing of beauty. Fog adds can add mystery, danger and curiosity. What would the Twin Peaks skyline be without it? Indeed, what would Barolo’s Langhe region be without it? When the fog descends on the vineyards during an October harvest.

In essence, as much as it can hinder, fog can also exemplify – drawing in the inquisitive and brave. The Fog from Alpha Box & Dice takes inspiration from the latter context.

Our Fog has intense Turkish Delight, sandalwood, tobacco and leathery notes, making the most of the Nebbiolo grape. Winemaker Sam spent 2016 vintage in Barolo, learning the tricks of the trade from the people who helped reshape and revolutionise the region. Now, he’s helping reshape and revolutionise Nebbiolo using South Australian fruit.

The 2014 marks a triumphant return of the legendary Fog. Previously only made in a 2008 vintage, the wine has been absent from the AB&D line-up for nearly a decade. And now it’s back, in its truest and more pure form – 100% Nebbiolo. Just as the Kings intended.

Despite the haze and confusion of the pursuit, we have thrown away all doubts, and stumbled over treasure.

All hail the King of Wine!


LOOKS LIKE… A well-worn leather jacket

FEELS LIKE… A regal handshake

SMELLS LIKE… Turkish Delight, rose petals, sandalwood

TASTES LIKE… Tobacco, rosewater, velvet mouthfeel

CELLAR FOR… Up to 20 years.