Fog *Pre-Release*

Fog *Pre-Release*

2014  Nebbiolo

Amidst the haze and confusion of the pursuit, the mind and eye can doubt, only to find the palate has stumbled over treasure…

AB&D’s Fog has not been around since 2009, when the 2008 vintage lived as a Nebbiolo, Cabernet and Tannat blend. If you managed to have a remaining bottle, well heck, it may be one of the last in existence, as we sure don’t have any left…

So, you can imagine we’re pretty excited for Fog to return to the AB&D roster.

As a super special treat, we are giving you the first look in and the ability to purchase before anyone else.

Winemaker Sam spent vintage 2016 in Barolo, so you can imagine he learnt a trick of two to add into our new reincarnation of Fog, now 100% Nebbiolo.

Long Live the King of Wines!


LOOKS LIKE… A well-worn leather jacket

FEELS LIKE… A regal handshake

SOUNDS LIKE… The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

SMELLS LIKE… Turkish Delight, rose petals, sandalwood

TASTES LIKE… Tobacco, rosewater, velvet mouthfeel