Kit & Kaboodle Red Blend

Kit & Kaboodle Red Blend

2017  Montepulciano  /  Grenache  /  Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: Langhorne Creek / McLaren Vale

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You know how they say you can never have too much of a good thing? An unfortunate market mishap *slash* PETA petition in the making is the inspiration behind Alpha Box & Dice’s experimental masterpiece, where only the best players make it on the field – Kit & Kaboodle.

For Kit’s new incarnation, the AB&D dream team consists of  Montepulciano from Langhorne Creek and Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon from McLaren Vale. This unlikely bunch of Euro brothers/cousins/neighbours/frenemies makes a delightful cacophony of flavours… think of it as the European Union blended into a bottle.

Like the European Union, there’s a lot going on here, with no two player drumming to the same beat. Old and new clash, ideologies merge and somewhere, somehow, there is a sense of order and consistency. There’s balance and order, yet no one can really explain how it came to be.

This Kit is 100% whole bunch fermentation, with the Grenache and Cab Sauv being treated to a year in old oak before being combined with the tank-fermented Monte. The result is a real mixed bag – combining bright fruits and earthy tones.

Make no mistake, this is the ‘whole Kit & Kaboodle’. Give it your vote.


LOOKS LIKE… A cordial debate.

FEELS LIKE… Winning the lottery.

SOUNDS LIKE… Nine Inch Nails – Closer

SMELLS LIKE… Cherries, Grandma’s perfume, crushed herbs.

TASTES LIKE… Chocolate, coffee, cranberries.

DRINK WITH… Turkey, roast chicken, stir fry tofu.

CELLAR FOR… Up to two years.