Kit & Kaboodle (White)

Kit & Kaboodle (White)

2017  Chenin Blanc  /  Gewurztraminer  /  Gruner Veltliner  /  Riesling

Region: Adelaide Hills

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You know how they say you can never have too much of a good thing? An unfortunate market mishap *slash* PETA petition in the making is the inspiration behind Alpha Box & Dice’s experimental masterpiece, where only the best players make it on the field – Kit & Kaboodle.

Kit and Kaboodle, the all in blend. These are a bunch of white varietals that aren’t ever found in the same region, so this wine explores the beauty of Australia’s wine lawlessness. Chenin is for crunchy, tart apple acidity and longevity meaning this wine will flourish in the cellar over the next ten years. Gewurztraminer literally translates into ‘spicy grape’, and it adds both texture and spice to this wine. Gruner Veltliner is a textural component and supports the bottom end of the wine. And finally, the Riesling, being solely pressings that went through both MLF and primary ferment in barrel adds a little touch of all of the above.

The result is an aromatic white blend that is pretty, floral, subtle and just a little bit spicy.


LOOKS LIKE… Pale lemon.

SMELLS LIKE…Gingerbread, pineapple, banana

TASTES LIKE… Green apple, stem ginger, dash of lollywater.

DRINK WITH… Hard cheese, duck, fish.

CELLAR FOR… Up to 10 years.