NV  Ripasso

Region: South Australia

Just like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not all things that die stay dead forever.

Lazarus is a special project where the winemakers at Alpha Box & Dice breathe new life into wine that would otherwise be discarded. Being an experimental winery, sometimes things at the AB&D Mothership don’t work, or don’t find a home, so they sit and grow old in the comfort of the cellar. We’ve found a way to revitalise these batches, by putting them over the skins of new wines in the idea of the Ripasso process. Conventionally, Ripasso is a technique where young wine washes over old skins to give old characters… Since we at AB&D don’t really do ‘conventional’, our way of doing it is what we’ve coined the ‘Reverse Ripasso’, where old wine is washed over new skins. For Lazarus, we used new vintage Montepulciano skins.

Lazarus has been years in the making, with wines of all vintages and varieties being added into the master stock over years, and then washed over fresh skins annually. We took some, bottled it, and made our first Lazarus. The cycle will continue, Lazarus will rise once more.

Fresh-faced, presenting bright fruits with some earthier, meatier and savoury undertones – we can almost guarantee you’ve never tried a wine like Lazarus before.



SMELLS LIKE… Lavender, thyme, sage, blackberries, bramble, savoury spices, curry leaves.

TASTES LIKE… Olives and meaty flavours with fruits of cranberries, cherries, strawberries; finishing with notes of liquorice.

DRINK WITH… Rabbit, pork and lamb.

CELLAR FOR… Up to 8 years.