2016  Nero d'Avola

Region: McLaren Vale

In Sicily the grape Nero d’Avola has a strong affinity with the sea, relishing in the sun-drenched maritime climate of the region… Hang on…? McLaren Vale…? Sea…? Vines…?

While its roots are maritime, the 2017 Siren Nero d’Avola smells and tastes like it should be grown on a volcano – red ochre earth with a bright backbone. Even those with unbreakable wills will be forced into capitulation – rich berry and plum fruits are underscored with enough abundant exotic spice, chocolate and lavender complexity to lure the canniest of wine drinkers to their fate.

Siren is the most elusive and seductive of our wines. Grown in the closest region to the ocean, the wine has a salt-kissed palate melded with beautiful cherry aromas and kept fresh by a super awesome acidity. Nero d’Avola translates into “black of Avola”, Avola being a town on the south east coast of Sicily, so it’s a variety that’s been forged in the most Mediterranean of climates and retains a bright, punchy natural acidity even in the most arid of environs. This is why we showcase a lighter side to this variety, choosing to make a ‘Pinot-esque’ style of wine from a region that usually couldn’t even comprehend doing so.


LOOKS LIKE… Deep violet.

SMELLS LIKE… Lavender, cherries and raspberries. A little whiff of flint.

TASTES LIKE… Beeswax, dark cherries, chocolate. Bright and fresh acidity, delicate structure and a hint of salinity.

DRINK WITH… Kangaroo, grilled mushrooms, venison.

CELLAR FOR… Up to 10 years.