Tarot (Red)

Tarot (Red)

2018  Grenache

Region: McLaren Vale

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Fear not, children of the grape, the Death Card heralds a transformation into a new state or regeneration. In this particular case, it refers to a poorly farmed plot of Grenache which was brought back to life by the Alpha Box & Dice crew. The Death Card also symbolises the transformation  of Grenache as a leading wine for McLaren Vale with a light, bright Nouveaux style. In fact, Winemaker Sam Berketa claims that “Tarot will renew your belief in Grenache and McLaren Vale”. Big call? Maybe. But trust us, it’s a statement Tarot can live up to. 

Through 10% whole bunch fermentation and six months maturing on lees in tank, Winemaker Sam has upgraded our old faithful Tarot to be “a little bit richer, bolder and more of the darker fruit spectrum… everything you loved, just maxed out”. The contrast between light and dark is still there, just as detailed and enchanting as ever.

Tuneful, complex, melodic, tonic. Destiny calls.


LOOKS LIKE… Toffee apples and Red Skins.

SMELLS LIKE… Strawberries and cream, red lollies.

TASTES LIKE… Sweet, rich and full-bodied, white pepper, cherry, mulberries, Blackforest cake.

DRINK WITH… Everything and anything. 

CELLAR FOR… Up to 10 years.