The Life Improvement Plan



The Life Improvement Plan is Alpha Box & Dice’s wine subscription service. The aim of the Life Improvement Plan is to regularly deliver AB&D products, along with some surprises, to their members, enriching their existence in the process.

How? Well, by always having a variety of high quality, small batch wine on hand, there’s never the inconvenience of being left without the perfect drop to share amongst friends, family, or when you need it most.

The Life Improvement Plan is a dynamic, personalised service that will inspire, delight and surprise you.

We hope you can join us.


1. Only way to receive discount on AB&D wines.

2. Receive $200+ value for every $150 six pack (>25% off).

3. We partner with other life improving companies and people to send our members gifts.

4. Skip a delivery any time.

5. Have access to offers and products not available anywhere else.

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The Life Improvement Plan


Our Guarantees

1. The Life Improvement Plan is the only way that AB&D offers discount on their wines

2. As a member you will have access to exclusive discounts and rewards not offered anywhere else.

3. You can give feedback or discuss your Life Improvement Plan with a designated member of our staff at any time.

4. We will send you a varied selection of our wines - not just entry level product.

5. You will always receive at least $200 RRP value (including free shipping) per six pack in every Life Improvement Plan deliver, with a minimum saving of 25%.

Terms & Conditions

1. By signing up to the Life Improvement Plan, you agree to a minimum requirement of three deliveries (minimum spend, $450).

2. We will charge your card one day prior to dispatch, so we can prepare all orders in advance.

3. You may skip a delivery at any time by contacting us.

4. You may change your plan’s frequency and volume at any time (6/12 wines every 6/12 weeks).

5. You agree to be sent a mixed variety of AB&D wines, with the option of ‘red wine only’.

For assistance and further information,
please contact our Life Improvement Centre
on [email protected] or (08) 8323 7750.