2016  Chardonnay

Region: McLaren Vale

The Wightmare; the mythical horse that you can ride into another dimension; that transient beast that can transport you into another world. An evocative notion, but what of the wine?

We like to think that the AB&D Wightmare can also transport you into another world; one of crisp delicious aromas and flavours and effortless pourmeanotherglassness. A wine that not only slakes the thirst, but proves an able companion at the dining table, matching all manner of dishes and promoting discourse between family, friends and lovers.

Think of it as the medium to transport you between the tedium of everyday drinking and the land of Alpha Box & Dice.


LOOKS LIKE… A 1980s pool party

FEELS LIKE… Licking a stone

SOUNDS LIKE… Darius – Maliblue

SMELLS LIKE… Crisp apples, sherbet

TASTES LIKE… Green apple lollipops, Summer lovin’