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NOSE: White flowers, citrus zest and crabapples.

PALATE: It bursts with generous flavour immediately that tightens towards a linear finish, with structure and acidity intertwined in a sweet, harmonious embrace.

PAIR: Choo Chee prawn curry and fish n chips.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years

The Very Special Riesling celebrates a wine that united Australians in communal consumption. The classic Moselle, an Aussie take on the traditional German Rieslings, was a wine that was enjoyed by all Australians due to its refreshing nature throughout much of the 70's and 80's. Whilst this isn't that wine, it is still very, very special. A more premium interpretation of that same Deutsch style, the Very Special Riesling is fermented very cool, to mimic the freezing temperatures of winter that Riesling ferments are used to, allowing us to capture the floral aromatics and retain the zesty acidity that is the hallmark of this variety.


NOSE: Rustic earth, dried fruit and fresh tobacco.

PALATE: Grippy tannins unwind into a mid-weight palate that is lifted on a dynamic acid line that ends with a chewy, structure driven finish.

PAIR: Meat, pâte and cheeses with all the trimmings on a platter.

CELLAR: 10 years

The Lazarus Rosso Ripasso is our best yet - perfectly balancing old and new characters and teeters between feeling both heavy and light. This fifth incarnation is structured, seductive and charmingly rustic.


NOSE: Dark chocolate, sour cherries, cinnamon, custard and pepper.

PALATE: Silky tannins and dark fruits evolve into warm baking spices through the finish. Soft acidity cements the plush velvet feeling, like an old couch that you just sink softly into.

PAIR: Fragrant duck & vegetable curry or roast pork with creamy butter beans.

CELLAR: 15 years

From the recognisable flagships in the clutter of our shelves to the icons hanging above front bars around the country, our Very Special Shiraz remembers them all. Born in a time when pub wines drank beyond all expectations, it’s fashioned to collect the same dust in our family homes, rubbing shoulders with the best.


NOSE: Lavender, cherries, raspberries, dried herbs and dusty earth.

PALATE: The earthier flavours resolve into a dusty structure that carries the finish out beyond the crashing waves of cherries, gamey and black olive notes.

PAIR: Kangaroo steaks or gnocchi with basil tomato passata.

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.

Siren is the most elusive and seductive of our wines. Grown in our lovely seaside region, the wine has a salt-kissed palate melded with beautiful bright cherry aromas and a savoury little twist. The name Nero d'Avola translates into "black of Avola", with Avola being a town on the southeast coast of Sicily. It's a variety that's been forged in the most Mediterranean of climates and retains a bright and punchy natural acidity even in the most arid of environs. Given McLaren Vale’s similarity to the Mediterranean, it’s fitting that Siren is our ode to McLaren Vale’s unique bond between sea and vines.


NOSE: White stone fruit, marzipan, quince.

PALATE: Bursting with delicious fruit that resolves into a generous level of texture balanced by a cleansing acidity.

PAIR: Chicken caesar salad, creamy pesto pasta

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.

We've been working Gruner from the Springhill site in Macclesfield for 4 vintages now, and we're smitten. With consistant flavours of almond, marzipan and quince, this vineyard is all about texture and generosity, begetting a wine that is approachable yet incredibly complex at the same time, showing layer on layer of curious Gruner characteristics.


NOSE: Tutti frutti, bubblegum and a whiff of gunsmoke.

PALATE: Soft, generous and utterly smooth - the sweetness is refreshingly balanced by a soft acid and a little tingle.

PLATE: Curried egg sambos, sunshine and afternoon picnics.

CELLAR: 10 years

Fun, easy to drink and just downright delicious - Moscato gets a bad rap for being a sweet little thing, but we adore a good Moscato. The perfect aperitif before any meal or great as a cleansing finish at the end, it's a wine that we tasted in the cellar and swallowed before we even thought to spit. The key is balance - take that sweetness and keep it playful with a fresh acid line that makes every mouthful moreish.