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X - 009 2022 PINOT BLANC

NOSE: White blossoms, mineral spice and gooseberry.

PALATE: Lean and tight, it builds subtle generosity through the middle that gets sucked back in to flow into the bright acid line through the finish.

PAIR: Scallops in butter or grilled asparagus spears.

CELLARING: 10 years

Here's a variety that I fell in love with during my stint making alcohol in Germany. Pinot Blanc (or Weissburgunder as they call it there is super interesting because it's got crazy acidity like a good Riesling, yet has an innate textural component to it that compliments the tartness in a complexing way that I just adore. The cooler conditions of 2022 played into this, with plenty of time to develop subtle flavour components threaded through the playful palate elements. Your ultimate thirst quencher!

Enigma 2021 Barbera

NOSE: Rhubarb, plums and raspberry frogs drenched in cream.

PALATE: A driving and electric acidity supporting the bold berry flavours. Just a gentle element of structure and spice hidden in the mix too.

PAIR: Pasta amatriciana and Margherita pizza.

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.

An ENIGMA rife with tasteful contradictions. A whodunit as cryptic as nan’s cursive. Like the paradox of a sunny day cast into the seductive myst of mystery. The liquid head-scratcher, chin-stroker, and what-ifer — our beloved ENIGMA. With a palate packing the pull of a bright red button saying, “DO NOT PRESS.” Let’s beat the skin of this conundrum, sit back, and swill until we’re left speaking in riddles. 

Very Special 2020 Trousseau

NOSE: Blackcurrants, dust, spice box.

PALATE: Structured and earthy, there's a plush density to the palate yet slides through easy thanks to the bright acidity.

PAIR: Barbecued lamb or stuffed capsicums.

CELLAR: 15 years

Floating on an iconic tide, like only cabernet can. It breaks in waves, new sensations shimmering off seas and echoing through hilltops. Ancient yet ageless. Polished in the wake of the greats. The ebb and flow we’ve always known. So very special.

Dead winemakers society 2020 dolcetto

NOSE: Ripe cherries, sour plums, black pepper and dark chocolate.

PALATE: The whole mouth fills with a satin explosion of soft berry fruits and silky tannins. The acid is soft and gentle, making it a pleasure to drink.

PAIR: Pizza, pasta, the usual Italian fare.

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.

The Dead Winemakers Society is our homage to those visionary individuals that carved their path in the wine industry before us. They were the crazy ones, the wild-eyed wine poets who had a deep respect for both the land they farmed and the process of guiding the fruit to bottle in the most thoughtful and composed manner possible.

There have been many who have inspired us through their wines and philosophy – we have listened, learned and adapted the practices of their legacy to form our own.

Very Special 2022 Riesling

NOSE: White flowers, citrus zest and crabapples.

PALATE: It bursts with generous flavour immediately that tightens towards a linear finish, with structure and acidity intertwined in a sweet, harmonious embrace.

PAIR: Choo Chee prawn curry and fish n chips.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years.

The Very Special Riesling celebrates a wine that united Australians in communal consumption. The classic Moselle, an Aussie take on the traditional German Rieslings, was a wine that was enjoyed by all Australians due to its refreshing nature throughout much of the 70's and 80's. Whilst this isn't that wine, it is still very, very special. A more premium interpretation of that same Deutsch style, the Very Special Riesling is fermented very cool, to mimic the freezing temperatures of winter that Riesling ferments are used to, allowing us to capture the floral aromatics and retain the zesty acidity that is the hallmark of this variety.

Corrugated Castle 2021 Chardonnay

NOSE: White flowers, flint, white stonefruit, golden apples.

PALATE: Bright and zesty upfront with grassier elements that resolve into a creamy, pillowy soft leesy finish slathered over the thick brioche.

PAIR: Crayfish, snapper or roasted cauliflower.

CELLAR: 10 years.

A structure made by mere mortals,turning earthfelt love to liquid gold.The point and place where tall yarns growour corrugated castle.Four walls choc-a-blocwith impenetrable positivity.Mythological tastes of fantastical creatureslike drongos, hoons, and larrikins.No triumphant drums, or royal trumpets,just a modest call to yarns.