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Golden Delicioso 2021 Semillon

NOSE: Roasted nuts, spiced peaches, dried grass.

PALATE: Oily, viscous, spicy, luscious, textured and chewy. Like caressing a crushed velvet couch in an apricot grove.

PAIR: Crispy pork belly or miso eggplant.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years.

Forbidden fruit? Never heard of it. Golden Delicioso, the artist formerly known as Golden Mullet Fury, is one in a Semillon. Liquid youth putting a tantalising tang to a household name. A designer drop haute on the horizon of a hazy summer afternoon.
Golden Delicioso is a stickered love letter spelling out, 'APPLE OF MY EYE'. Far past up to scratch. Worth a sniff before the sip. Leave it on your teacher’s desk. Tell the doctor you’re not coming in. Pour out the V8 Juice, Golden Delicioso is flat stick.
A one fruit show peeling out the driveway with a spice peached roar. Not one-and-done, but a start-of-plenty. Today's your day. Mark thy fruit.

BLOOD OF JUPITER 2021 Sangiovese

NOSE: Cherries, savoury earth, warm spices.

PALATE: Shy at first, it begins to unfurl with the guarded tannins gently softening to show the more vulnerable fruit core. Backed up by savoury flavours and a thirsty acidity.

PAIR: Roast porchetta or eggplant parmigiana.

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.

It's no wonder they named Sangiovese after the god Jupiter. It really is a wine that can appeal to all; tannins? Yep, got those. Sweet berry fruits? You betcha. Lovely, mouthwatering acidity to help it age? Damn straight! I still remember this batch coming into the winery, fermenting as beautiful caviar-like grapes - producing wonderful sweet aromas perfectly balanced with the savoury earthiness. It's a charming little wine, if a little shy at first, so give it a little time to unfurl in the glass and it'll show it's true colours.

J is for JNR. 2022 Nebbiolo

NOSE: Creaming soda, rose petals, red currants and sandalwood.

PALATE: Succulent cherry fruits slide on a dynamic wave of tart acidity, lapping on the shores of sandy tannins that build into a playful castle of structure.

PAIR: Veal or porcini and sage pasta.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years

Fleet-footed, full-throttle; JNR plays the room with vibrant ruby fruit and repartee at the ready. Sour cherry pie stolen from the window sill, this approachable, easy-drinking red is a must-try offering bound to leave its mark. 

Tight acid rounded by dusty tannin gives this Nebbiolo a chewiness not always present in other showings of the varietal, with a nose boasting rhubarb, cassia and raspberry licorice. Taut and structured, JNR paves his own way. Stubborn? Maybe. But like his namesake uncle, he gets results.

He said it and he meant it. “I DID IT MY WAY”. 

Very Special 2022 Riesling

NOSE: White flowers, citrus zest and crabapples.

PALATE: It bursts with generous flavour immediately that tightens towards a linear finish, with structure and acidity intertwined in a sweet, harmonious embrace.

PAIR: Choo Chee prawn curry and fish n chips.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years.

The Very Special Riesling celebrates a wine that united Australians in communal consumption. The classic Moselle, an Aussie take on the traditional German Rieslings, was a wine that was enjoyed by all Australians due to its refreshing nature throughout much of the 70's and 80's. Whilst this isn't that wine, it is still very, very special. A more premium interpretation of that same Deutsch style, the Very Special Riesling is fermented very cool, to mimic the freezing temperatures of winter that Riesling ferments are used to, allowing us to capture the floral aromatics and retain the zesty acidity that is the hallmark of this variety.

x 2022 Pinot Blanc

NOSE: White blossoms, mineral spice and gooseberry.

PALATE: Lean and tight, it builds subtle generosity through the middle that gets sucked back in to flow into the bright acid line through the finish.

PAIR: Scallops in butter or grilled asparagus spears.

CELLARING: 10 years

Here's a variety that I fell in love with during my stint making alcohol in Germany. Pinot Blanc (or Weissburgunder as they call it there is super interesting because it's got crazy acidity like a good Riesling, yet has an innate textural component to it that compliments the tartness in a complexing way that I just adore. The cooler conditions of 2022 played into this, with plenty of time to develop subtle flavour components threaded through the playful palate elements. Your ultimate thirst quencher!

x 2022 rosso

NOSE: Cherry ripe, chai and rhubarb.

PALATE: Mellow fruits fill the mouth, roughening on the edges where the supple tannins kick in, and all finished off with a tidy tickle of tart acid.

PAIR: Capricciosa pizza, truffle pasta and caprese salad.

CELLARING: 10 years

The ultimate medley of red grapes combine for the next X wine: Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Barbera. Each of these varieties supports the others to create a harmonious fusion of perfect balance - Dolcetto provides the sweet, soft fruits; savoury, dusty structure from Nebbiolo and Barbera rounding out the rear with a kick of zesty acidity. An exquisite example of the beauty of blends, a true 'vino da tavola' - it goes on the table with every meal, because it goes with every meal on the table.