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NOSE: Strawberries, cherries and cracked pepper.

PALATE: Fresh and zippy, it's got a charged energy that softens towards a mouthwatering finish.

PLATE: Beef carpaccio or burrata with heirloom tomatoes.

CELLAR: Up to 5 Years

Here's Sangiovese, putting its best foot forward. Forget the fiascos, those aptly named wicker cradles for coddling the Chianti's of old, and embrace punch-bowl style drinking with our toZzo Sangiovese.

Day drinking ammunition at its finest, pop the cork, splash it around and you'll see what we mean. Best served lightly chilled for maximum effect.

Enigma 2021 BARBERA

NOSE: Rhubarb, plums and raspberry frogs drenched in cream.

PALATE: A driving and electric acidity supporting the bold berry flavours. Just a gentle element of structure and spice hidden in the mix too.

PAIR: Pasta amatriciana and Margherita pizza.

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.

An ENIGMA rife with tasteful contradictions. A whodunit as cryptic as nan’s cursive. Like the paradox of a sunny day cast into the seductive myst of mystery. The liquid head-scratcher, chin-stroker, and what-ifer — our beloved ENIGMA. With a palate packing the pull of a bright red button saying, “DO NOT PRESS.” Let’s beat the skin of this conundrum, sit back, and swill until we’re left speaking in riddles.    


NOSE: Wild strawberries, orchard fruit and creamy custard aromas.

PALATE: Generous, soft and silky, it caresses the mouth with a fresh drive towards the finish, leaving the palate watering for more.

PLATE: Chilli prawn pasta or a soft, creamy cheese.

CELLAR: Up to 5 years.

Literally translated from the French verb "to bleed", Saignée truly is an outpouring of liquid emotion. The technique refers to a gentle leeching of juice from a greater fermentation, and in this case it came from our Very Special Shiraz, having the added bonus of concentrating the Shiraz ferment. But the Saignée is a Rosé - textured and dry with a balanced boldness. Strawberries and cream, a whiff of asphalt on a hot day and a nervy herby note. A serious Rosé here in only tiny quantities.


NOSE: Guava, beeswax, preserved lemons and curry leaf.

PALATE: Lively and energetic with a burst of tangy fruits that settles into a more waxy and saline feel, melding with the chalky tannins into a mouthwatering finish.

PAIR: Crispy pork belly, spicy Thai red curry with vegetables and any Springtime fried food.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years.

Fashion is cyclical but some things are forever. For us, the Golden Mullet will always be rooted in that special notion.

12 years on with our Golden Mullet Fury flourishing, these are the results that inspire us to keep going. Raised in a large-format cask and old oak barriques, it’s lively and energetic with a burst of tangy fruits, giving way to that signature waxiness and saline feel.


NOSE: White stone fruit, marzipan, quince.

PALATE: Bursting with delicious fruit that resolves into a generous level of texture balanced by a cleansing acidity.

PAIR: Chicken caesar salad, creamy pesto pasta

CELLAR: Up to 10 years.

We've been working Gruner from the Springhill site in Macclesfield for 4 vintages now, and we're smitten. With consistant flavours of almond, marzipan and quince, this vineyard is all about texture and generosity, begetting a wine that is approachable yet incredibly complex at the same time, showing layer on layer of curious Gruner characteristics.


NOSE: Blackcurrants, dark mulberries, hot chocolate.

PALATE:Juicy and structured, layered with rich ripe fruits with a restrained edge of herbs and a slight hint of salinity creeping in.

PAIR:Lamb chops on the bbq or roasted miso eggplant.

CELLAR: 15 years

The most iconic red variety in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon comes in many different shapes and styles, but when its from the unique soils from Mclaren Vale that it's most alluring. With a nod to the icon wines around the world that are made from this monarch variety, our Icona revels in the glory of it's tannins and bathes in the breaking waves of dark fruits and warm spices.