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Blood of Jupiter 2021 Sangiovese

NOSE: Cherries, savoury earth, warm spices.

PALATE: Shy at first, it begins to unfurl with the guarded tannins gently softening to show the more vulnerable fruit core. Backed up by savoury flavours and a thirsty acidity.

PAIR: Roast porchetta or eggplant parmigiana.

CELLARING: 10 years

It's no wonder they named Sangiovese after the god Jupiter. It really is a wine that can appeal to all; tannins? Yep, got those. Sweet berry fruits? You betcha. Lovely, mouthwatering acidity to help it age? Damn straight! I still remember this batch coming into the winery, fermenting as beautiful caviar-like grapes - producing wonderful sweet aromas perfectly balanced with the savoury earthiness. It's a charming little wine, if a little shy at first, so give it a little time to unfurl in the glass and it'll show it's true colours.

J is for JNR. 2022 Nebbiolo

NOSE: Creaming soda, rose petals, red currants and sandalwood.

PALATE: Succulent cherry fruits slide on a dynamic wave of tart acidity, lapping on the shores of sandy tannins that build into a playful castle of structure.

PAIR: Veal or porcini and sage pasta.

CELLAR: Up to 15 years

Fleet-footed, full-throttle; JNR plays the room with vibrant ruby fruit and repartee at the ready. Sour cherry pie stolen from the window sill, this approachable, easy-drinking red is a must-try offering bound to leave its mark. 

Tight acid rounded by dusty tannin gives this Nebbiolo a chewiness not always present in other showings of the varietal, with a nose boasting rhubarb, cassia and raspberry licorice. Taut and structured, JNR paves his own way. Stubborn? Maybe. But like his namesake uncle, he gets results.

X 2022 Rosso

NOSE: Cherry ripe, chai and rhubarb.

PALATE: Mellow fruits fill the mouth, roughening on the edges where the supple tannins kick in, and all finished off with a tidy tickle of tart acid.

PAIR: Capricciosa pizza, truffle pasta and caprese salad.

CELLARING: 10 years

The ultimate medley of red grapes combine for the next X wine: Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Barbera. Each of these varieties supports the others to create a harmonious fusion of perfect balance - Dolcetto provides the sweet, soft fruits; savoury, dusty structure from Nebbiolo and Barbera rounding out the rear with a kick of zesty acidity. An exquisite example of the beauty of blends, a true 'vino da tavola' - it goes on the table with every meal, because it goes with every meal on the table.

Dead Winemakers Society Dolcetto 2021

NOSE: Delicate herbs, fresh black black pepper, red cherries

PALATE: Peppery notes evolve into spicy yet supple tannins that support the mouth-watering berry fruits and vibrant acidity.

PAIR: Steak frites or margherita pizza

CELLAR: 10 years

No doubt about it, this is our most respectful and true Dolcetto yet - and for me, my favourite version we've produced. The 2021 vintage had the perfect conditions to produce the perfect Dolcetto with the long and cool ripening period conducive to allowing the variety to retain a generous natural acidity as it edged toward optimum ripeness. The result is a Dolcetto that has the typical black pepper and herbal spice mixed in with bright summer fruits and enough oomph to stand on its own on any dinner table.


NOSE: Curing leather with plums, black olive and dusty spices.

PALATE: Chalky tannins house an earthy rustic and spice-laden palate, kept alive by a subtle yet dynamic acid that builds length beyond the savoury finish.

PAIR: Cured Jamon, spiced lamb and baked eggplant. Especially that one from Parwana.

Slave to the grapes. That's my unofficial mantra during vintage. Everything is at the mercy of mother nature and you work until the work is done. Long hours, hard work but damn it's fun. The Mistress is a tribute to the workers of vintage, those who sacrifice family, friends and relationships to turn great grapes into fine wine. 

X Carignan

NOSE: Pink flowers, red berries and a slight hint of jamon.

PALATE: Light and delicate yet backed with a chalky structure that safely houses the perfumed fruits.

PAIR: Jamon, grilled sardines or a heirloom tomato salad.

CELLARING: 10 years

Carignan is a lovely and unique variety. Most often used in blends to add colour, structure or acidity, it also stands beautifully on it's own, using it's rustic charm to seduce and enlighten. This is my favourite Carignan we've made, using less whole bunch than we have in the past which allows for the earthy fruits to be expressed with that slight herbal note adding a complexing element without being the dominating character. I'm not sure what it is about Carignan that I find so alluring, but every year it's a wine I just love to make.