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You just don’t do a “half mullet” – you have to be all in.

The mullet, like skin contact white wines, has been around for millennia. Things never go out of fashion, they just get re-discovered… it’s a cycle, see? The Buddhists talk of Samsãra, the endless cycle of birth, life and death, but we here at AB&D know that to reach true enlightenment you need to grow that shaved head out, keep it short on top, grow out the back and rejoice in the pithy textures and heady perfumes of skin-contact white wine.

The inspiration for Golden Mullet Fury comes from time spent working in Moldova, a country, who along with Georgia and Armenia, has thousands of years of practice in the arts of both skin contact and the mullet. Slinky and textured in the mouth with a smooth flow across the palate and sweet tannin fanning out on the finish. It’s red wine-making applied the white wine – the blend? Semillon and Viognier... percentages don’t matter, but the end result does.

Much like the mullet.



Both Semillon and Viognier picked from the same Tatachilla vineyard, which was machine harvested together in the early morning, crushed and destemmed into the same open fermenter. Wild fermentation until dry on skins. One extra week of maceration, for a total of three weeks on skins, pumped over twice daily. It then matured for nine months in reconditioned botti, nine months in a mix of reconditioned and old barriques, allowing natural flor development in selected barriques, taking inspiration from the Jura. The result is a bold, rich, textural white wine that has creamy, savoury aromas and flavours, whilst still maintaining the semblance of a white wine.

Tasting Notes


LOOKS LIKE... Blonde.

SMELLS LIKE... Fresh hay, orange marmalade, marzipan.

TASTES LIKE... Rich, full bodied texture, almond and vanilla savoury notes with a gentle acidity.

DRINK WITH... Pork belly, salmon fillets (skin on), poultry.

CELLAR FOR... Up to 10 years.