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Murray Darling

South Australia

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Prosecco – our drink of choice to sip in the sun, celebrating the good times. Effortlessly enjoyed on its own, or splashed in a Spritz or cocktail. It truly is the most versatile drink! With many Proseccos opting for off-dry or sweet, we favour a dry style above all else. Why? Apart from being a personal preference, we also think crisp, dry Prosecco is the best way to let the wine's refreshing properties shine.



Machine picked at night then gently pressed to tank. Nitrogen floatation is used to separate the juice from the lees and the clean juice is racked off, with some light fluffy lees added back in. A slow fermentation at cool temperates allows for the retention of delicate aromatics. Fermented until dry, no malolactic fermentation. Matured in stainless steel tank on yeast lees for six months.



NOSE: Apple blossom, lychees and a hint of honey.

PALATE: Zippy and fresh acid drives the palate, with a soft mousse that works beautifully with the generous mouthfeel.

PAIR: Sunshine, oysters, sashimi and hard cheeses.

CELLAR FOR: Up to 5 years.