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Pinot Gris


Adelaide Hills

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Fear not, children of the grape, the Death Card heralds a transformation into a new state or regeneration and in this particular case, refers to the rebirth of Pinot Gris, which has been rising to popularity as one of Australia’s most fashionable whites. To give Tarot Pinot Gris an identity of her own, we enlisted British artist Sophy Hollington to evolve our famous Tarot label – a fitting role since she has designed a set of Tarot cards herself. The hand linocut result is both modern, yet… well, not. It’s the same take we have on Pinot Gris – an Old World wine finding New World fame.



We say Gris – and not Grigio – as we have swayed in the French direction for Tarot’s white wine debut. True to the French style, it was picked later and riper from two blocks from the same Adelaide Hills vineyard, creating a wine that is more complex, textured, silky and luscious than its Italian style counterpart. In the winery, was macerated on skins overnight, had no sulphites added and spent eight months in stainless steel on full lees.

Tasting Notes


LOOKS LIKE… Copper-pink.

SMELLS LIKE… Ripe nectarine and pear.

TASTES LIKE… Spicy ginger, pear, clove, white peach.