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Pinot Grigio


Adelaide Hills

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Pinot G – Gris or Grigio – the choice is ultimately up to the winemaker. Gris is the more 'masculine' style – richer, spicier and and higher in alcohol, made famous in France. Grigio is the more 'feminine' style – crisper, more mineral, fresher and lighter, made famous over the border in Italy. The Lovers from the Tarot deck represent love, harmony, relationships and choices, embodying the duality between Gris and Grigio and the powerful choice the winemaker has in which style to create.



Tarot Pinot Grigio comes from the Amadio Vineyard in Kesbrook, Adelaide Hills. It is machine picked at night with 18 hours skin maceration before pressing. It was cool fermented in stainless steel with native yeast until dry. It matured for nine months in stainless steel, with six months in contact with full lees.

Tasting Notes


LOOKS LIKE… Dried hay.

SMELLS LIKE… Fresh rain on warm earth, pear and green apple flavours with floral honeysuckle aromas.

TASTES LIKE… Spice, apple and pear acidity, rockmelon/cantaloupe.

DRINK WITH... Creamy pasta, mushroom and paté, prosciutto and cured meats.

CELLAR FOR... Up to 5 years.